The EFF reiterates its condemnation of Momonait Ismail’s undermining of African leadership in Treasury. We have long observed a phenomenon within Treasury that Africans (or Bantus) are often considered and treated as not worthy and capable of leading finance. This is why, in the first place, we celebrated the initial appointment of Nhlanhla Nene. This was despite our total rejection of Zuma and his corrupt activities which nearly collapsed state institutions.

We dismiss with contempt the embedded journalistic reporting which has been distorting the EFF Deputy President’s comments during the portfolio meeting in parliament when he raised questions about Momonait’s domination of all reports from treasury when he is not a Director General. The response of the Director General is also the saddest thing ever because it’s an admission of being dominated. Why would you delegate all your responsibilities to another person, unless you think that person is better than you? This is even much so because the DG is not on leave or sick, he simply is there, but someone is reporting on his behalf.

The EFF will not retreat its criticism simply because the ones being undermined do not see that to be the case. We have learnt from the great African American revolutionary Harriet Tubman who said “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Racism is not racism because of the admission of the one being racially oppressed. It is an objective reality which can be observed even as the oppressed denies it.

We further state without any fear that we have been critical of those in power before, even as they threatened to use and abuse state power to silence our criticism. Many claim that our criticism of Treasury is because of investigations that are being done on the EFF leadership. Despite them not providing any evidence to this effect, we are still not scared of any investigation which seeks to silence our ability to speak truth to power.

We have been threatened all the same even in the times of Zuma. We defeated Zuma, despite abuse of SARS to silence EFF leadership, and shall defeat those who threaten us with any investigations once more. The EFF will always speak truth to power without any fear or favour.

No one has dealt with the substance of the arguments and questions the EFF Chief Whip and Deputy President posed to the portfolio committee. He was making a genuine and historically correct observation that Momonait dominated all reports, which in a normal situation, should be given and represented by the Director General. Nothing else explains why is the Director General not presenting these reports except that being African he is not trusted to be competent. He is occupying a position without the actual power that comes with it.

Anyone who has paid attention to the history of the liberation movement knows that the National Question means black people were oppressed, but worse, Africans. This highlighting of Africans, amongst blacks, in liberation movement literature seeks to point to indigenous Africans like the Bantu, Khoi and San. Although Coloureds and Indians are also black, emphasis was always placed on African people because colonisation created hierarchies, socialised blacks like Indians and Coloureds to think they are superior to Africans. As a result, systematically, they were provided better services than Africans.

All Indian and Coloured revolutionaries who participated in the liberation movement understood this and knew that they had to keep watch of internal oppressive culture to which Africans get subjected in movements.

Society must therefore never hide its demons through intimidating of those who seek to exorcise them. We must confront the reality of how internal to the black community, there are problems of undermining Africans by other minority groups. This we must do with the same determination as we condemn and deal with Xenophobia and Tribalism.

Finally, simply because Joe Slovo or Hellen Zille stood in the picket lines to protest against apartheid, does not absolve them from the general socialisation whites are subjected to in undermining blacks. In fact, participation in the struggle by whites is condemned by the Black Consciousness Movement as license to cover up their own demons. This is the same with other minority groups who although being black, they were socialised to believe that they are above Africans. This is the legacy of apartheid which must be confronted genuinely and openly.

Momoniat must examine himself, if he be a true revolutionary, and ask a simple question, how is it that my African boss is relegating all his powers to me? How does this improve on the historic image that Indians are above Africans in the hierarchy of colonialism? If he is truthful, he will see the point of the EFF leadership and begin to be self-critical at all times in the advancement of the national question.

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  1. It’s about time where Africans tell their own history without interference of white monopoly capital, let EFF talk to it’s people hands off EFF DP president Floyd Shivambu

  2. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!

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