JOHANNESBURG – Police have confirmed that KwaZulu-Natal businessman Kessie Nair has been arrested and is facing a crimen injuria charge for calling President Ramaphosa the K-word.

In a video which was circulating on social media on Wednesday, Nair used the K-word while ranting that the president should be charged for fraud and treason.

Nair continued to say that he is the source of inequality, crime, poverty and poor healthcare that the country is currently facing.

The Hawks have now taken over the case.

Spokesperson Hanguani Mulaudzi: “The suspect was arrested yesterday by the visible policing members in Phoenix. Immediately thereafter the docket was transferred to the Hawks, who are now probing the matter. The suspect is expected to appear today in the Phoenix magistrates court on charges of crimen injuria and there is the possibility of adding more charges.”

Nair maintains that there was nothing criminal about what he did but he’s told Eyewitness News that he will apologise.

“Yes, I will retract my statement. I will retract and say to the nation, as well as the president, my humble apologies, and if it’s difficult and challenging to forgive me I will understand. As much as we want God to forgive we ought to forgive each other.”

The South African Human Rights Commission is set to open a case against Nair.

The commission’s Tseliso Thipanyane says it will investigate the comments and find a way to deal with the matter.

“We really want to send a very clear message that people should not go about violating people’s rights and getting away just by saying sorry. We will have to assess the context.”

Nair’s’ family have distanced themselves from his comments, saying that he is mentally ill.

Earlier this year, Vicky Momberg was jailed for her use of the K-word during a rant at Johannesburg Metro Police officers who were trying to help her after a smash and grab incident.

Meanwhile, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has condemned Nair’s racist remarks.

Spokesperson Neeshan Balton: “To blame President Ramaphosa for all the ills of the country is misplaced, it is ill-considered and downright racist. We are also aware of a statement by family members who make it quite clear that they are equally appalled.”


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