Top 10 Richest Families In The World

Richest Families : In the world, we have some people who have accumulated a lot of wealth. I mean a lot of it! Following Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you can have some people who are still struggling to meet their basic needs and as you go up the ladder some people have achieved a lot in that they have so much wealth and the only thing they are looking for is to have power and control. According to research that was done some families have worked so hard to emerge the top ten wealthiest families in the world.

10. Rothschild family

This family is from Germany and it accumulated their wealth by investing in various sectors of the economy. Currently, they hold the tenth position and they are worth about 400 billion dollars. They have been in the bank industry for a very long time and also investing in finance houses. This family was involved in the financing of the Suez Canal. Rothschild was the first member to invest in the family and that was back in the year 1760.Today most of the descendants have their employment in most of the companies owned by the company such as wine, energy and real estate companies. The capital projection of the family is still very positive and they expect to make more profit in future.

9.The Saud family

This is a royal family and currently this is the most powerful family in Saudi Arabia. According to estimations most of the family members have their worth in terms of billion dollars and this means that this family has worked pretty hard to reach where it is.Muhammad Saud was the descendant of this family and he did a great job to start the first estate in Saudi which was known as the Diriyah emirate. Currently, this family has produced the most powerful person who is the king of Saudi.

8. Walton family

This family is best known in that it did a lot of work to establish the most prominent chain supermarket in the world which goes by the name Walmart. This family has derived most of its wealth from the founders of the chain market who go by the name Bud and Walton. The members of this family have appeared severally in the Forbes.

7. The family of Koch

This is another family which has accumulated a lot of wealth over a long time. It started with Koch himself who discovered that crude oil could be refined in another way and produce gasoline. His company has grown to such extent that it has become the second largest company which is privately owned in the United States. Koch had four sons with his wife and currently, he has only two of them who have remained actively involved in the company. The other two sons have played a great role in politics and have been supporting the operations of Libertarian party which was led long time ago by Robert Koch. Therefore, they have done a lot of work including campaigns for the support of this party.

6. The Mars

Unity is strength as the saying goes. The family has worked together for a long time which has helped it to reach where it is now. This family grew so much wealth from their business. They started a company which was actually a confectionary. Their company can be attributed to making of the most famous candy in the United States which goes by the name milky bar. They have grown to be so much wealthy over such a long time such that they have been featuring in various lists of the richest families. This family values privacy and has not allowed many of its members to get known.

5. The slims

They have worked so hard through investments and this has made them be ranked top 5 richest families. I hope you can learn something. The family is the best group that will take you to your dreamland. They own the groupo Carso. One of the most prominent members of this family is Slim who was listed in the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest personality through his work and a career in civil engineering. His sons help in the management of the company.

4. The Macmillan family

This family has done a lot in their investments and through hard work and unity, it has been able to accumulate a lot of wealth and been ranked so high in the United States. This family is as a result of Cargill marriage with Macmillan.

3. The Bettencourt

This family has gone through a lot to reach where it is. It came up because of Bettencourt who had shares in a beauty product company, L’ Oreal. This company came into existence with the contribution of her father’s effort. It has grown so big and currently they own 33% of the shares.

2. Arnault family

The family owns a firm which deals with luxury goods. It has grown to be very wealthy. Their company is called LVMH. They have also invested in various chain supermarkets.

1. The Cox

This family topped the list and it came into existence by the purchase of the daily news company. Currently, it has invested in radio stations, television stations, and even newspapers.

The above families have clearly shown the power of a family.

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