HIV positive uncle rapes 13 year old girl several times till she gets pregnant and force her to abort

A 13-year-old girl’s horror of being repeatedly raped, which resulted in pregnancy, finally came to an end at the weekend when her uncle was arrested.

It also emerged that the girl’s grandmother who lived with her, the alleged rapist and other relatives apparently knew about her ordeal but did not report it to the police.

A 32 year old man appeared in the KaBokweni magistrate’s court in Mpumalanga yesterday and the matter was postponed to next month.

The girl told Sowetan that it all began in May when the man forced himself on her, on the couch, while her grandmother was away, but this was seen by other children in the house.

“One day the younger kids were telling my grandmother what they saw happening to me on the couch and she told them to shut up and never to spoke about it again.”

She said the man raped her several times after the first incident. “After some days he told me that he was drinking pills and that he was HIV positive but told me that I will be fine.”

The girl said her situation became worse when her aunt’s boyfriend also started raping her too.

The girl’s father was furious yesterday and called for his mother, sister and his brother-in-law to be arrested as well.

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