The ANC is a microcosm of SA and all its elements – including thugs.

That is what former #FeesMustFall activist and ANC Youth League (ANCYL) member Mcebo Dlamini said on Sunday during an interview with eNCA.

“In the ANC you have communists and socialists. In the ANC you have capitalists. In the ANC you have thugs. In the ANC you have everything that SA has.”

Dlamini was interviewed after he criticised the money that was raised by the Global Citizen concert.

“Our problems are structural. We need to deal with the real issues. We need to deal with the ills of the past. Only through the redistribution of land and incorporation of black people into the economy.”

Dlamini said those who donated should be scrutinised, and the government should not outsource its role of uplifting South Africans to donors.

“South Africans must not be gullible. We are saying our people must not be fooled. We are saying we are not a charity case … because charity is unsustainable,” Dlamini said.

“That time of our people being taken care of by white people and white companies must end … We don’t want the ANC government to build toilets for us. We don’t want the ANC government to continuing building houses for us. We don’t want the ANC government to continue paying our sisters and mothers for pregnancy and having children.”

Dlamini said the “pride of a man” was being able to feed his own family but the ANC government had created a “dependent society”.

When asked if he was contradicting the policies of the ANC which included social grants and delivering housing, Dlamini said the ANCYL was re-examining the ANC’s policies.

“The ANC we live in now is the ANC of Nelson Mandela, [Alfred] Xuma and [Ashby] Mda. Where is the ANC of our generation that will speak to the challenges of 2018? That’s what we are fighting for and we are unapologetic in that one.

“We support him (President Cyril Ramaphosa) [economically], but politically we have other interests.”

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