ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte on Friday said only people who had criminal convictions would be excluded from the ANC lists for parliament and provincial legislatures.

Speaking to the media in Durban on Friday, Duarte said the ANC would not a make judgement on people outside of a courtroom.

“Where a person is charged criminally in a court of law, definitely those matters are taken quite seriously,” she said.

Duarte said many of the ANC leaders who were nominated by branches but implicated in wrongdoing had voluntarily removed themselves off the list.

“It’s quite an important process because people do literally debate about names and they motivate why a certain person shouldn’t be moved lower on the list or be kept higher on the list,” she said.

Duarte said the party’s national list process would not be held ransom by the delays and in-fighting over who featured on the lists in the North West.

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