Karabo Mokoena’s murder by Sandile Mantsoe

Sandile Mantsoe was sentenced to more than 30 years imprisonment for the murder of Karabo Mokoena.

Mantsoe, who claimed to be an evangelist-turned-pastor, was found guilty of beating Mokoena, killing her and burning her body in April last year.

Karabo’s remains were found in a ditch not far away from Mantsoe’s mother’s house in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg. Her painted toenails were the only way the Mokoenas were able to identify her, because her body had been destroyed by pool acid and fire.

Mantsoe maintained that Karabo ended her own life by plunging a knife into her neck. He said he had panicked and disposed of her body.

Chilling CCTV footage of Mantsoe disposing of the body later emerged as the lead investigator told TimesLIVE he was convinced the young woman was murdered as part of a ritual killing.

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