Innocent Zimbabweans tortured and killed by Zim Army

The crocodile’s (Mnangagwa) regime is now devouring its own children…. it is hopeless and lacks solutions.

The definition of dictatorship was given effect when an elected president’s military removal was celebrated, thus making the military to be heroes.

The commander in chief of the army was betrayed and his command undermined when he was placed under house arrest for dismissing a deputy president which he was legally entitled to dismiss. On that day, the Zimbabwean army rose above the rule of law and descended down to politics. The army is supposed to be above politics .

General chiwenga betrayed the Zimbabwean constitution but it was not amended or set aside, everyone has forgotten now, so my question is what purpose does this constitution serve?

All coups in the world have an automatic effect of suspending the constitution and subsequently changing it to avoid a situation where you expect people to abide by laws that you openly disregard and violate without any consequences, but instead with praise and worship.

SADC must put human rights above diplomacy and intervene. If they don’t, the US led WEST will bring their own military for intervention and do what they did in Libya etc…


Wake up Africa, let us stop being the masters of our own misfortune and take a stand. Let us be visionaries and not live only for ourselves and our generation.

Lastly, I also think there was a perfect opportunity for the jackals to exaggerate the fuel crisis due to the economic collapse, putting pressure on the political masters of the land. Now that they are under pressure for solutions and stability, the WEST will obviously be generous enough to assist with solutions and their solutions are to bring in their multinational corporations to come and collect capital out of Zimbabwe, and give Zimbabwean jobs in mines until they out dig the minerals, no contribution to self development and self sustainability.

Well that’s just me exercising my freedom of expression and my right to have an opinion.

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