A 19 year old pregnant girl is seeking paternity test from 7 Premier League soccer players she slept with

A nineteen-year-old girl has officially made a court application to force seven players to perform paternity tests to determine the father of her child.

Phindile Mkhize, 19, says she slept with at least seven soccer players during late-night parties in one month, this happened six months ago and has since then fallen pregnant.

When contacted all players admitted that they slept with her but refusing undergo paternity test to determine who is the father of the child-to-be. Non of the player is aware of the fact that she was sleeping with different soccer players.

“I didn’t check if they were all wearing protection, it slipped from my attention,” she told the reporter.

In her Court Application, the young woman further explained that she had since reflected upon her actions and has greatly matured from the experience.

“I am not the same person I was before. I’ve learned my lesson and believe I have what it takes to be a mom,” she said in court.

A “lucky” player could be the unexpected father of the child conceived during a late-night parties.

Judge Martin Andrews has ordered that seven unnamed soccer players undergo paternity tests.

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