Simelane, yesterday said he had been aware of her daughter’s abuse for a while but that there was nothing he could do as she keeps going back to him.

In an interview with Vuma FM, Simelane accused Mampintsha of using muthi to keep her daughter from leaving him.

“uMandla wayidlisa le nganeyam [he gave my daughter muthi] because she told me that she found a voodoo doll under her mattress written ‘Babes’, which means when he pokes this thing, he pokes Babes.

“This means he went somewhere (witch-doctor) and they made him a doll which is basically Babes and when she tries to leave him, he calls her back by using this doll. So Babes took a picture of this thing, Mandla’s muthi.”

He said he was not convinced that his daughter’s case would see the light of day “as officers at Westville police station are on Mampintsha’s payroll”.

uMandla wayidlisa le nganeyam [he gave my daughter muthi]

However, Naidoo said the allegations that Mampintsha was bribing police were viewed in a serious light.

“We need the father to provide a statement and to bring names of the police so that we can take action. If people think police are in their pockets, they can think again.”

Simelane also accused Mampintsha of controlling his daughter’s finances. In an interview with eNCA, he said Mampintsha had been using the Wololo hitmaker as a cash cow.

“Mandla is also using my daughter. I told him, ‘don’t use my daughter for your own gains’. With all of these gigs including Black Panther [soundtrack], all that income, Mandla consumes all that money. It is more than a few million [rand],” he said.

Gender activist and founder of SA Men’s Forum, Mbuyiselo Botha, has praised Babes for being brave and exposing her abuse.

Cistahood Foundation president Nozi Nguse also condemned the abuse.

“We call on promoters to distance themselves from Mampintsha. He must not be booked for any show in clubs, festivals … no radio and TV interviews,” Nguse said.

– Additional reporting by Karabo Ledwaba and Patience Bambalele

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