Tsonga and Venda women have expressed raging fury over the fact that they are not being proposed for marriage by South African men.

They are forced to sit back and watch women of other tribes walk down the aisle with no hopes of their own. According to them, they are growing old every day without being proposed to.

Local reports indicated that Tsonga and Venda women are wondering what is wrong with them that they never get enough marriage proposals. They cried that age was catching up with them and they desperately wanted to get married.

“We are getting old by the day and no man is approaching us for a relationship or marriage proposal. We are worried. What is wrong with us that men can’t ask for our hand in marriage?”.

This is what we got when we interviewed South Africans about Tsonga and Venda Women “They are drama Queens”.

Most of us women have at least one Tsonga or Venda girlfriend who’s a drama queen. She’s always in conflict with family members, co-workers, and friends. Her life would be far too mundane and unsatisfying for her if she wasn’t constantly involved in turmoil. She welcomes it into her life and thrives on it. As her friends, we appreciate this idiosyncrasy and can deal with it on a limited basis.

Most men, on the other hand, can’t tolerate drama queens for very long. If there’s a problem in their lives, they want to fix it as soon as possible, make it go away, and return to a tranquil state. While guys may initially be attracted to drama queens, wanting to become their knights in shining armor and rescue them from chaos, they soon become disenchanted when new problems keep arising. God forbid, they’d ever want a lifetime of this tumult.

As an observer of their long-time relationship, I’d say my mother’s boyfriend is wary of her drama queen ways. She’s always befriending people down on their luck, gossiping about this friend or that, and stirring up conflict between neighbors on their cul-de- sac. He, on the other hand, just wants peace and quiet in his golden years. Marrying a drama queen would not help him achieve that goal.

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