As we age, the body changes and it becomes more difficult to lose weight and stay healthy. What’s more, what you eat may be making you look older!

With all that in mind, here are 10 foods you should never eat past age 30 if you want to stay svelte and young looking.

1. Flavoured Yogurt

After you turn 30, you skin starts to change. Collagen production slows down and elastin (the protein that keeps skin firm) starts to break down. You cannot stop this process but you can help yourself out by avoiding sugar. Sugar accelerates skin aging. You may have cut obvious sugars from your life but don’t forget that they can be hiding in otherwise healthy looking places. Some brands of flavoured yogurt carry 24 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce serving! That will catch up with you in a hurry!

2. Canned Soup

A study published in 2013 found a connection between high blood pressure and aging skin. The connection between the two is not entirely clear but could it really hurt to cut back blood pressure raising sodium? Many popular canned soup brands contain 40% of your daily sodium in just one serving! You should also avoid these soups because many of the cans are lined with BPA which has been linked to weight gain, cancer and infertility. If soup is your go-to comfort food staple, skip the cans, chop up come veggies and make your own!

3. Pop-Tarts & Breakfast Pasteries

That majority of sweet ‘breakfast’ foods pack a day’s worth of sugar. That is not how to get your day off to a good start! These can be especially hard to resist if you are raising wee ones and this is their breakfast of choice. While they are convenient, they are not healthy. Do yourself, and everyone in your home, a favour and switch to a healthy, protein packed breakfast. Consuming so much added sugar can lead to health problems that will do nothing but shorten your life. Try one of these breakfast options instead.

4. Cola

One of the benefits of being an adult means you can drink a soda any time you wish. One of the downsides of being an adult is knowing that downing that soda can spell disaster for your health. Now that you’re over 30, are you thinking of starting a family or adding to the children you already have? Colas are not helping you meet these goals! They are full of cancer-causing dyes and added sugar. Added sugar has been shown to have a negative impact on ovulation AND sperm motility. Not helpful for fertility! Try some fruit infused water if you really need a sweet drink!

5. Oreos

We have bad news for you: Oreos are full of empty calories and fat. “When we’re younger, eating healthier seemed pointless when you could just go to the gym 24/7 to lose weight,” says registered dietitian and founder of The NY Nutrition Group Lisa Moskovitz. “Unfortunately, as the body ages, exercise still has plenty of positive benefits, but weight loss is often not one of them.” Avoiding calorie-dense, hard-to-stop eating foods like Oreos is the only way. Why feed an addiction when you can beat it?

6. Cocktails & Beer

Have you noticed that it takes you longer to recover after a weekend bender? That’s because, according to registered dietitian, Martha McKittrick, as we get older, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to metabolize alcohol. What’s worse, when you are drunk, junk food cravings become so much harder to ignore. “It’s also increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest with alcohol in your system. While you may have been able to get away with minimal sleep in your 20’s, that’s not the case in your 30’s and beyond. Sleepless nights lead to carb and sugar cravings the next day, which can contribute to further weight gain,” McKittrick explains. Besides, alcohol dehydrates you which makes the fine lines on your skin more visible. Why look older if you don’t have to?

7. Veggie Burgers

Unless you are a vegetarian or vegan, don’t cut beef from your diet. Vitamin B12 is one way to prevent your hair from graying prematurely and it is abundant in beef. Aim for grass fed as it is leaner than traditionally raised beef and contains more omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Iced Coffee

Coffee through a straw always seems like a good idea at the time. But, over the course of an average day, we are exposed to things that damage our skin, like UV rays. While we sleep, our cells repair themselves. But, if you are drinking too much caffeine, you may not be getting the restful sleep you need to heal. AND, like that wasn’t scary enough, studies have found that repeatedly drinking through a straw can increase the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Instead try sipping on some green tea. They can help you fight wrinkles by preventing inflammation and improving the skin’s elasticity.

9. Conventional Produce

Don’t get excited, we aren’t telling you to skip the produce. But, it is important to remember that by the time you are 30, you have been accumulating toxins from your food for 3 decades. This can have a negative impact on your metabolism and hormones balances. Buy organic whenever possible to prevent your metabolism from slowing to a crawl.

10. Soy Sauce

While you may consider it to be an essential condiment, soy sauce may be working against you. Being dehydrated ages you. To avoid looking older than you actually are, take a pass on salty foods like soy sauce — one tablespoon contains 879 milligrams of sodium! While you are skipping these added salts, make sure you are drinking lots of water.

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