With just eight days to the elections, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has for the first time admitted that retaining the Western Cape will be a neck-and-neck race.

But still, the party’s national campaign manager Jonathan Moakes says the DA is confident of an outright win.

This year, the DA is up against its former provincial leader Patricia de Lille and a strengthened African National Congress (ANC).

The Western Cape is the only province run by the DA, but this time it might not be so clear-cut.

The DA is up against a somewhat strengthened ANC, African Christian Democratic Party and the new kid on the block, the Good party, led by veteran politician De Lille.

Moakes said it wouldn’t be easy retaining the province.

“It’s neck and neck, everybody is vying for a vote from the voting public right up to the opening of polls at 7am [on 8 May].”

He said the DA’s success largely depends on voter turnout.

“The only poll that matters in this election is the one that takes place at the ballot box on election day. My prediction is that the DA will retain the Western Cape.”

A poll by the Institute of Race Relations predicted some trouble for the DA in the Western Cape.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

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