A state in South Sudan has pushed through a bill that would make it impossible for a man and woman to get into hotels if they cannot show their marriage certificates to establishment owners.

In one of the most bizarre legislation you have ever seen, Jubek State in South Sudan is ordering couples to produce marriage certificates before booking rooms in hotels or attending nightclubs after a certain time.

Jubek lawmakers have also banned nightclubs and daytime alcohol sales in bars.

The African Exponent reports that it is unclear if the moves are simply about morals or political control.

Jubek contains South Sudan’s capital of Juba and if the leadership is to be believed, one of the state’s chief problems is moral decadence; bars that open during the day, nightclubs that open during the night and unmarried couples who use hotels and lodges.

South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, has already been informed by the Jubek leadership.

Governor of Jubek Augustino Jadalla Wani, was quoted as saying: “Because what is happening there is really, very dangerous for the future of this country. You cannot imagine the young girls, 12 years, 13 years, you get them in disco areas.

And some places, even the lodges inside the town, they use something called take away, these are young girls, take away.

You can imagine human beings, we name them to be take away. That one is totally destroying the future of the coming generations. That is why we are serious and we are going to make sure that the discos are not working in this country until we make sure that there is stability.”

By the order, bars will only be allowed to open between 5-10pm, and couples wanting hotel rooms will be required to show marriage certificates.

It is feared that this supposed war on immorality is a tool the powers want to wield against political uprising.

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