Following the statement issued by the university on 22 May 2019 regarding the reported leaking of examination question papers, the university wishes to inform you that the investigation by the Commercial Crime Investigating Unit, working closely with National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and our Internal Audit team; is progressing well.

The university is confident that the alleged perpetrators will be apprehended soon; and they will face the full might of the justice system.

Internally within the university, we wish to emphasise that for those students found to have participated in this fraudulent activity, not only will their modules be cancelled and the marks withdrawn, but they will also be referred to the Student Disciplinary Unit for investigation and disciplinary action. If found guilty, they also face up to a maximum of five years suspension from the university.

The university further affirms that all examinations will continue as scheduled and all scripts will be marked. Where there is a strong suspicion that a student may have had access to an affected examination paper, the script concerned will be sent to the investigators for further investigation. The rest of the results will be released as planned.

In the instance where students, having realised that an examination paper has been compromised; have walked out of the examination room without writing the examination, the university will afford them another opportunity to write their examination. Details in this regard will be communicated to you in due course.

The university still appeals to students with information on the leaking of examination question papers to report such to the Fraud/Corruption Hotline on telephone number 0800 203 785 or e-mail:

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