A perfect boyfriend listens to his girl, comforts her when she’s feeling low and makes sure he spends enough time with her and keeps her happy. The ‘perfect’ boyfriend does exist but sadly, he’s a pillow. A muscular hunk with six-pack abs, the ultimate boyfriend pillow has arrived and he is a NEED. Free cuddles whenever you want and someone to hold whenever you desire, single or not this pillow is actually something we all definitely should own. I mean, just look at HIM. So comfy and cuddly – your own portable boyfriend!

Life is hard by default but when some days are harder than usual, sometimes all you need is a warm, comforting hug. But, what if you don’t have somebody like that around? This is where this Korean boyfriend pillow comes in. Boyfriend pillows aren’t exactly a brand new concept but this one actually looks like a male torso and has the perfect built women generally desire in their partner. He’s the best pillow ever!

Also, you don’t always have to hug him. The pillow comes with velcro strips on his arms so you can actually wrap his arms around your neck or waist, like how your boyfriend would. Be as clingy as you want, this one won’t disappear. Plus, he doesn’t snore or talk in his sleep, just offers cuddles. The only con about the pillow is that he only comes in one skin tone. The pillow was originally created by an art student, who claimed the pillow can help one relax and help with anxiety.

Sounds like something you want in your life? Bring home the man of your dreams for ¥ 97.56 which is like, less than a dollar, from a seller called Taobao. Or, there is your local Amazon selling the usual boyfriend pillows but nothing as comfy as this one. You can buy the original boyfriend pillow which you already must have seen in memes or youtube videos for $34.99. This pillow is half the size and has one arm though.

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