Two former members of the Limpopo legislature missed the deadline to vacate the official residence at Parliamentary Village in Polokwane.

Dan Sebabi and Merriam Ramadwa were supposed to make way for new members of the provincial house.

Sunday World understands that the two members missed their deadline to move out two weeks ago after they were given three months’ notice to vacate the houses after the general elections in May.

It was also understood that the secretary of the legislature, Simon Mothoa, wrote a letter to the provincial department of public works and the ANC asking them to intervene.

Ramadwa poured cold water on allegations that she was refusing to leave the official residence.

Ramadwa, who is currently in Cape Town as a member of parliament, said she wrote a letter to the legislature and provincial public works department asking for her stay to be extended.

“I wrote a letter to ask for an extension because I stay with two orphans, my late sister-in- law’s child and my late brother’s child. I take care of them, so I could not frustrate them because they go to school.

“I had to find them a school in Cape Town before I could take them out of their current school.

“It is only now that I have found a school for them and we are moving out next week.

“I am busy moving staff and the house will be ready for occupation next week. It is not true that I am refusing to leave. No,” she said.

Dan Sebabi is occupying the officlal residence long after the May polls.

She further said she wanted to make sure her kids were safe before she moved out.

Sebabi could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print.

Sources in the Limpopo ANC and legislature alleged that Sebabi was refusing to leave the residence, citing that he had nowhere to go.

Sebabi was one of the senior members of the legislature who called for municipal officials who invested with the now-defunct VBS bank to be held accountable.

Limpopo premier’s spokesperson Kenny Mathivha confirmed that the matter of the two former members was discussed at one of the provincial government executive committee meetings.

“The issue of the former members of the legislature ‘refusing’ to move from parliamentary village is being dealt with by the legislature and the relevant department of public works.

“It is the legislature that sets parameters and time frames within set prescripts.

“There’s a reason they are called members of the legislature and thereafter former members of the legislature,” said Mathivha.

Spokesperson for the Limpopo legislature, Meodi Mothapo, and his provincial ANC counterpart Donald Selamolela had not responded to questions by the time of going to print.

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