Police raid Nigerian baby factories and free 19 women and 4 children

Nigerian police have freed 19 pregnant women from “baby factories” in Lagos.

According to reports by the BBC, the women are lured by the traffickers who then rape them and force the young women to have babies. These babies are then sold for human-trafficking purposes.

A baby boy is reportedly sold for $1,400 (about R21,000), and a baby girl is sold for $830 (about R12,500).

Four children were also rescued from the premises.

IN S.A ‘Human trafficking’ brothel shut down in Kensington
An illegal brothel has been shut down in Kensington, Johanesburg after the police were alerted by an informant on Tuesday night. 

Police spokesperson Capt Richard Munyai said the incident happened on Tuesday evening at around 10pm.

“A 26-year-old woman came into the station and reported that there activities of physical and online forced prostitution happening in the house,” said Munyai.

Munyai said when police arrived at the house, they found seven other women who were kept there.

“We also found a 17-month-old baby girl who was not supposed to be in such an environment,” said Munyai.

Munyai said the women alleged that they were recruited by a South African woman who is married to a Nigerian man.

“When they got to Johannesburg they realised the job they were promised was something different,” said Munyai.

Munyai said the women were removed from the house where the brothel was operating.

Munyai said the police are investigating the and searching for the owner of the house to find out if he is not linked to cases of human trafficking.

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