EFF appoints itself to help with 2020 school and university registration

The party wants to take responsibility for ensuring the department of basic education does its job when it comes to placing pupils and delivering textbooks.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have taken it upon themselves to act as unofficial overseers of the 2020 registration process for universities and schools.

The party has called on all of its public representatives and command teams to “help in the registration process across all schools in our communities”.

“Let no child be turned away from a school because of money, uniform, space, language or racism in general,” a statement from the party says.

The party also has also committed to ensuring that textbooks are delivered by the department of basic education (DBE) on time.

“EFF branches must work with school principals and teachers to ensure that learning material is delivered on time by the department of education. Where there are no books, the EFF structures must raise it sharply with the department until books are delivered.”

The party also wants to “take direct action” against the department over schools where pit toilets are still used. The party says this action will continue until pit toilets are replaced.

“No parent takes their child to die in our schools.”

The EFF is also seeking to “protect our schools from agent provocateurs, criminals and other reactionary forces”.

“Learning must commence in safe, orderly and resourced schools. We must support all efforts for this to be achieved.”

The party has called on its student command to offer the same “help” at universities.

“Let no child be turned away because of finance; let the doors of learning be open to an African child.”

The statement concludes with the EFF telling young South Africans to stay in school.

“Whoever discourages you from going to school is the enemy of your beautiful future. Education is essential to the attainment of any dream and of economic freedom in our lifetime”.

DBE spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga has not yet responded to requests for comment on how the department feels about the EFF’s committing to “help” learners.

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman)

STORY BY www.citizen.co.za

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