2008 November NSC Examination Papers


Afrikaans FAL P1Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Western Cape)Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Northern Cape) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Northern Cape)Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Mpumalanga) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Mpumalanga)Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Kwa-Zulu Natal)Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Western Cape) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Free State) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Eastern Cape) memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Eastern Cape)Download
Afrikaans HL P3Download
Afrikaans HL P1 memoDownload
Afrikaans HL P1Download
Afrikaans FAL P3 memoDownload
Afrikaans FAL P3Download
Afrikaans FAL P1 memoDownload
Afrikaans SAL P1 (Free State)Download
Afrikaans SAL V2Download


English FAL P1Download
English FAL P1 memoDownload
English FAL P3Download
English HL P1Download
English HL P3 memoDownload
English HL P3 memoDownload
English SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
English SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
English SAL P1 (Limpopo)Download
English SAL P1 (Limpopo) memoDownload


Isindebele FAL P1Download
Isindebele FAL P1 memoDownload
Isindebele FAL P3Download
Isindebele FAL P3 memoDownload
Isindebele HL P1Download
Isindebele HL P1 memoDownload
Isindebele HL P3Download
Isindebele SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Isindebele SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
Isindebele SAL P2Download
Isindebele SAL P2 memoDownload


IsXhosa FAL P1Download
IsXhosa FAL P1 memoDownload
IsXhosa FAL P3Download
IsXhosa HL P1Download
IsXhosa HL P1 memoDownload
IsXhosa HL P3Download
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Eastern Cape)Download
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Eastern Cape) memoDownload
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Western Cape)Download
IsXhosa SAL P1 (Western Cape) memoDownload
IsXhosa SAL P2Download
IsXhosa SAL P2 memoDownload


IsiZulu FAL P1Download
IsiZulu FAL P1 memoDownload
IsiZulu FAL P1 RubricDownload
IsiZulu FAL P3Download
IsiZulu FAL P3 memoDownload
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Kwa-zulu Natal)Download
IsiZulu SAL P1 (Kwa-zulu Natal) memoDownload
IsiZulu SAL P2Download
IsiZulu SAL P2 memoDownload


Sepedi FAL P1Download
Sepedi FAL P3Download
Sepedi FAL P3 rubricDownload
Sepedi HL P1Download
Sepedi HL P3Download
Sepedi HL P3 rubricDownload
Sepedi SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Sepedi SAL P1 (Limpopo)Download
Sepedi SAL P2Download


Sesotho FAL P1Download
Sesotho FAL P1 memoDownload
Sesotho FAL P3Download
Sesotho HL P1Download
Sesotho HL P3Download
Sesotho SAL P1 (Free State)Download
Sesotho SAL P1 (Free State) memoDownload
Sesotho SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Sesotho SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
Sesotho SAL P2Download
Sesotho SAL P2 memoDownload


Setswana FAL P1Download
Setswana FAL P1 memoDownload
Setswana FAL P3Download
Setswana HL P1Download
Setswana HL P1 memoDownload
Setswana HL P3Download
Setswana SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Setswana SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
Setswana SAL P1 (North West)Download
Setswana SAL P1 (North West) memoDownload
Setswana SAL P2Download


Siswati FAL P1Download
Siswati FAL P1 memoDownload
Siswati FAL P3Download
Siswati FAL P3 memoDownload
Siswati HL P1Download
Siswati HL P1 memoDownload
Siswati HL P3Download
Siswati HL P3 rubric – memoDownload
Siswati SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Siswati SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
Siswati SAL P2Download
Siswati SAL P2 rubric – memoDownload


TshiVenda FAL P1Download
TshiVenda FAL P1 memoDownload
TshiVenda FAL P3Download
TshiVenda FAL P3 memoDownload
TshiVenda HL P1Download
TshiVenda HL P1 memoDownload
TshiVenda HL P3Download
TshiVenda HL P3 memoDownload
TshiVenda SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
TshiVenda SAL P1 (Gauteng) memoDownload
TshiVenda SAL P1 (Limpopo)Download
TshiVenda SAL P1 (Limpopo) memoDownload
TshiVenda SAL P2Download
TshiVenda SAL P2 memoDownload


Xitsonga FAL P1Download
Xitsonga FAL P3Download
Xitsonga FAL P3 memoDownload
Xitsonga HL P1Download
Xitsonga HL P3Download
Xitsonga HL P3 memoDownload
Xitsonga SAL P1 (Gauteng)Download
Xitsonga SAL P1 (Limpopo)Download
Xitsonga SAL P2Download
Xitsonga SAL P2 rubicDownload



Acconting (English)Download
Accounting AfrikaansDownload
Accounting Afrikaans Answer bookDownload
Accounting Afrikaans memo version 2Download
Accounting English Answer bookDownload
Accounting English memo version 2Download

Agricultural Mangement Practices

Agricultural Management Practices P1 AfrikaansDownload
Agricultural Management Practices P1 EnglishDownload

Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences P1 AfrikaansDownload
Agricultural Sciences P1 EnglishDownload
Agricultural Sciences P2 AfrikaansDownload
Agricultural Sciences P2 EnglishDownload

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology P1 AfrikaansDownload
Agricultural Technology P1 EnglishDownload

Business Studies

Business Studies P1 AfrikaansDownload
Business Studies P1 EnglishDownload

Computer Applicaitons Technology

Computer Applications Technology P1 AfrikaansDownload
Computer Applications Technology P1 Afrikaans (Optional)Download
Computer Applications Technology P1 EnglishDownload
Computer Applications Technology P1 English (Optional)Download
Computer Applications Technology P2 AfrikaansDownload
Computer Applications Technology P2 EnglishDownload

Civil Technology

Civil Technology P1 AfrikaansDownload
Civil Technology P1 EnglishDownload

Consumer Studies

Consumer Studies P1 AfrikaansDownload
Consumer Studies P1 EnglishDownload

Dance Studies

Dance Studies P1 AfrikaansDownload
Dance Studies P1 EnglishDownload


Design Practical P2 AfrikaansDownload
Design Practical P2 EnglishDownload
Design Theory P1 AfrikaansDownload
Design Theory P1 EnglishDownload

Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts P1 AfrikaansDownload
Dramatic Arts P1 EnglishDownload


Economics P1 AfrikaansDownload
Economics P1 EnglishDownload

Engineering Graphics and Design

Engineering Graphics and Design P1 AfrikaansDownload
Engineering Graphics and Design P1 EnglishDownload
Engineering Graphics and Design P2 AfrikaansDownload
Engineering Graphics and Design P2 EnglishDownload

Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology EnglishDownload
Electtrical Technology AfrikaansDownload


Geography P1 AfrikaansDownload
Geography P1 EnglishDownload
Geography P2 AfrikaansDownload
Geography P2 EnglishDownload


History P1 AfrikaansDownload
History P1 Afrikaans AddendumDownload
History P1 EnglishDownload
History P1 English AddendumDownload
History P2 AfrikaansDownload
History P2 Afrikaans AddendumDownload
History P2 EnglishDownload
History P2 English AddendumDownload

Hospitality Studies

Hospitality Studies P1 AfrikaansDownload
Hospitality Studies P1 EnglishDownload

Information Technology

Information Technology P1 AfrikaansDownload
Information Technology P1 EnglishDownload
Information Technology P2 AfrikaansDownload
Information Technology P2 EnglishDownload

Life Sciences

Life Sciences P1 AfrikaansDownload
Life Sciences P1 EnglishDownload
Life Sciences P2 AfrikaansDownload
Life Sciences P2 EnglishDownload

Mathematical Literacy

Mathematical Literacy P1 AfrikaansDownload
Mathematical Literacy P1 EnglishDownload
Mathematical Literacy P2 AfrikaansDownload
Mathematical Literacy P2 EnglishDownload


Mathematics P1 AfrikaansDownload
Mathematics P1 EnglishDownload
Mathematics P2 AfrikaansDownload
Mathematics P2 EnglishDownload
Mathematics P3 AfrikaansDownload
Mathematics P3 Afrikaans memoDownload
Mathematics P3 EnglishDownload
Mathematics P3 English memoDownload

Mechanical Technology

Mechanical Technology P1 AfrikaansDownload
Mechanical Technology P1 EnglishDownload


Music P1 AfrikaansDownload
Music P1 EnglishDownload
Music P2 AfrikaansDownload
Music P2 EnglishDownload

Physical Science

Physical Science P1 AfrikaansDownload
Physical Science P1 EnglishDownload

Religious Studies

Religious Studies P1 AfrikaansDownload
Religious Studies P1 EnglishDownload
Religious Studies P2 AfrikaansDownload
Religious Studies P2 EnglishDownload


Tourism P1 AfrikaansDownload
Tourism P1 EnglishDownload

Visual Arts

Visual Arts P1 AfrikaansDownload
Visual Arts P1 EnglishDownload
Visual Arts Practical P2 AfrikaansDownload
Visual Arts Practical P2 EnglishDownload

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