Twitter war has erupted between @UmalambaneZN and @DonaldInDenial the singer. Umalambane started by a tweeting “Comrades looks like we have a meeting as Black Twitter with Donald today at 5pm. I’m all for supporting Black people but when a black person exploits another black person they must be brought to justice.”

Many followers where filled with questions asking themselves what President uMalambane had on Donald.

On the other hand Donald responded on his twitter by cryptic tweets. All tweets were not clear but sounded like the are directed to uMalambane. At the end of the day uMalambane posted allegation by one of Guest judges on Donald’s RedMicSing.

The allegations which were sent to uMalambane inbox were leveled against Donald. It is alleged that Donald was practicing favoritism and influencing judges to judge in favour of his favourites.

Donald responded by tweeting “Tlogela mathata a batho, focus on your own progress”.

This is a developing story

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