The Aka/Cass beef is exhausting for the game. It might exciting for twitter but behind the scenes its something most rappers keep quiet on because its draining the life out of the culture.

I don’t condone AKA coming for Cassper they way he did and never will because even tho we haven’t been on the best terms I still have love for him, his team and his family.

When it went down a few weeks ago I reached out and called Aka about it. Didn’t bring it to twitter because of course people were gonna say “you switching sides again” etc. theres no winning.

This is real life for me. Its not a soccer match where we choose sides. There’s nothing more I wanna see in my lifetime than those two squash the beef and for everyone to work together on doing big things for the culture.

I hate watching them fight. I hate not being in cass life because we had many great times together and not too stubborn to say I miss him as a homie. I gain no joy in seeing him be attacked by ANYONE. He’s in da trenches investing everything in building something real for hiphop.

Im not on anyones “side”. Its not about side anymore to me. I wanna see everyone win. Wanna see everyone feeding their kids and leave a legacy. Wanna see everyone find the right formula for success.

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