SAPS | Apply to be a police informer

MIDRAND – Midrand Police Station Commander is looking for informers who will assist in curbing crime and leading to arrests.

Midrand Police Station Commander Brigadier David Tsotsotso has appealed to the community to send in their applications for becoming police informers.

“If an informant is accepted, they will be registered and trained in how to go about their work without putting their lives in danger.”

Informers are people who supply information or tip-offs to the police about secrets or criminal activities. However, they do not participate in policing activities nor adhere to the police professional obligation.

An informer will be given incentives in the form of payment if their provided information assists police and leads to the arrest of suspects. The informer will never testify in court and will never have their identity revealed, therefore anyone can become an informer.

Details: Contact Brigadier David Tsotsotso on 082 828 6042 or Captain Minnaar on

082 319 9656.

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