A-Reece has just dropped a hint about a new Album Paradise 2

Paradise hit maker and rapper A-Reece has just dropped a hint that he is working on a new Album Paradise 2. A-Reece has been quiet which led to the fans speculating he could be up to something.

A-Reece was being interviewed on an Instagram page SA Clout.

Asked about his quietness and what he has been up, A-Reece said, I’m busy, i’m working just like someone else. You don’t have to be on the front line or anything. The world will show.

Asked if people can expect a new album Paradise 2 and when they can expect it, He responded, “I’m still cooking and taking my time with it.”

The interviewer went on, “so you now showing the world is that Reece is undercover and is working. For those that want to know Reece is really under cover. The world need to discover Reece so i have been the person on my twitter defending Reece. There have been people holding back. I was important for you to tell the people there is something coming because you have been so quiet. People need to hear from you that something is coming. Because it has been hurting.”

A-Reece assured his fans there is always something coming.

The former Ambitiouz rapper has always been compared to another young hip hop artist Nasty C, and he admitted the beef is there but was manufactured by his record label. Nasty C recently released a single with American rapper T.I titled They Don’t in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

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