The Tiger Brands Trainee Programme is a 24 month accelerated development programme which aims to recruit bachelor’s degree / Btech graduates who demonstrate the potential to reach senior leadership positions in the organisation. Trainees across various disciplines are selected and taken through a structured combined learning programme which intends to prepare them for roles within the organisation.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Successful candidates in the programme should have the desire to build a career with a leading FMCG company,
  • Would have a sound academic record at an accredited institution and recently have completed their 3 or 4 year tertiary qualification.
  • Management Trainees must have displayed the potential for high achievement and innovation throughout their qualification,

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Leadership and team working capabilities
  • Must have displayed the potential for high achievement and innovation throughout their qualification
  • Have not worked full time (more than 1 year, not including workplace experience) in their field of study
  • Recent graduate from a tertiary institution
  • Below the age of 25

Fields of study:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Finance related degree
  • Biochemistry
  • Food Technology
  • Biotechnology

How to Apply

Finance Graduate

Apply Online for the Finance Workplace Experience Programme 2021

Chemical Engineering​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Graduate

Apply Online for the Chemical Engineering Workplace Experience Programme 2021

Food Technology Graduate

Apply Online for the Food Technology Workplace Experience Programme 2021

Biochemistry Graduate

Apply Online for the Biochemistry Workplace Experience Programme 2021

Biotechnology​​​​​​​ Graduate

Apply Online for the Biotechnology Workplace Experience Programme 2021

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