Sign our petition to remove “Natal” from KwaZulu, our Province must be KwaZulu only without Natal. Many people do not know that the word Natal is a Portuguese word that mean Christmas. The reason why the place was called Christmas (Natal) is because a man from Portugal called Vasco Da Gama found the land of KwaZulu on Christmas and he named the place Natal meaning Christmas.

If you agree that Natal is a colonial name that must be removed and remain with KwaZulu ony please SIGN THIS PETITION HERE

You can sign the petition here and please invite your friend on WhatsApp to come and sign the petition so that we can instruct government to remove Natal.

It was on Christmas eve that same year in 1497 that Da Gama and his men arrived and named the new land ‘Terra do Natal’. Da Gama was not interested in settling here as the main purpose of his journey was to discover the sea route leading to India.

Then, hundreds of years later in 1824 proper settlement in South Africa began with the British settlers arriving. Slowly but surely the area was then deemed ‘Port Natal’ and was built up into a little harbour town with a trading station.

Sir Benjamin D’Urban was the Cape Governor in 1835 and it was during this time that the small harbour town was named after the Cape Governor and is now known as our very own golden coast, Durban.

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