Low-cost airline FlySafair has launched its R8 flight sale for 2022.

The company’s website states 30,000 tickets will go on sale at 09h00 on Wednesday morning (4 May), ending at 17h00, or when all tickets are sold out.

The airline said that the following procedures will be followed as part of the sale:

  • The tickets will only be available on the FlySafair website at www.flysafair.co.za and not through the FlySafair app, the FlySafair call centre, FlySafair Airport Ticket Sales Desks, or any other distribution partner.
  • The tickets only apply to selected departures between 5 May 2022 and the end of October 2022.
  • The sale is only available for domestic flights, and as such, excludes Mauritius.

Access to the website to make the purchase will be limited by means of a “Waiting Room” facility, which is designed to preserve the integrity of the website and protect it against the heavy traffic demand.

  • A selection of users will gain access to the website for purchase when the sale starts.
  • The remaining visitors will be placed in a waiting room.
  • Users on the website will need to start their purchase journey before their sessions expire.

You can find out more about the deal and the completer Terms and Conditions here.

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