Teachers Assistants Posts Applications for 2022 – 2022 : Department of Education

As part of ensuring that the 2022 National Senior Certificate Examinations (NSC) are fair and credible, the Department of Education is looking for a total of 1524 EA’s and EQA’s.

  • 266 Examination Assistants
  • 1258 Quality Assurers

Examination Assistants: Examination Assistants will be appointed at District Offices and at the Head Office to assist with the receiving and controlling of scripts of candidates who sit for the 2022 NSC Examinations.

EAs will be appointed in all Districts to assist with the controlling, scanning and packaging of scripts for Marking Centres. The process begins with the commencement of the 2022 NSC Examinations on 30 October 2022 and ends when the final examination is written on 6 December 2022.

Examination Quality Assurers: Examination Quality-Assurers will be appointed to assist with the controlling of scripts in 24 Marking Centres. Marking will be conducted between 10 and 20 November 2022 and from
7 to 20 December 2022.

EQAs will be appointed for one marking session only. The main responsibilities will be the controlling of scripts before and after marking. The EQAs ensure that the entire script has been marked, marks have been calculated and transferred correctly, and that all scripts are accounted for.


  • Grade 12 / Matric Certificate
  • Must be an Unemployed graduate or Registered students at a tertiary institution.
  • Applicants who have studied Accounting and/or Mathematics /Mathematical Literacy at tertiary level will be given preference.
  • The nature of the work is linked to tight deadlines and thus requires that the successful candidate be able to work under pressure.

How to Apply

The Department has introduced an alternative avenue for applicants to submit their applications.

SA Youth has added another web-based/electronic application form that is not linked to, nor dependent on the SA Youth mobi-site in terms of connectivity or stability. 

  1.    Visit https://sayouth.me/DBEin order to access the form 
  2.    The link will take applicants to the homepage where they will be required to select the province in which they are in.
  3.    Fill in the required fields with your personal particulars and ensure that all information is correct, particularly your contact number.
  4.    Search the name of the school closest to you or click the drop down menu to select the school. Only schools in the province in which you are located, will appear on the list.
  5.    Double check that all information is correct and click submit. If you have applied, there is no need to submit an application.

We would like to notify the public that the web-based/ electronic application form is an alternative application method; however, it is not zero rated and will require a small amount of data (3MB) to complete. The mobi-site (sayouth.mobi) is still available for submission of applications.

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