Thabo Bester fingerprints not available at Home Affairs – Illegal Foreigner

A destitute South African man Thabo Bester whose identity was stolen by an unknown man, who now calls himself Thabo Bester is struggling to get his identity back as it has been used to commit crimes by a man whose origin is unknown.

It is speculated that the unknown man who calls himself Thabo Bester is an illegal foreigner, allegedly his fingerprints are not on Home Affairs system.

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi confirmed that his department do not have fingerprints of the arrest Thabo Bester in their system. He was addressing media in Pretoria today in relation to the identity of Thabo Bester.

Motsoaledi said that when Bester was caught in Tanzania last week, he was found in possession of an American passport under the guise of Tom Williams Kelly.

Many South Africans are being targeted by illegal foreigners for their identity, and many have not been able to reclaim their identities after they have been stolen by criminals from other counties.

There is a syndicate in Sandton that is allegedly working with police to steal South African Citizen’s identities like Thabo Bester.

This is not new to many South Africans who have fallen victim to this crime, the Department of Home Affairs is aware of this crime, however, nothing is being done to stop it.

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