Important information to all applicants:

Please note that:

1. Bursaries are awarded for standard degree courses over a minimum period of time (e.g. B.Sc. or B.Eng. for studies over a 4-year period).

2. Students must study full time at a recognised and approved standard South African University. NB. Students may (for example) not register at a so called distance-learning facility/institution – i.e. UNISA.

3. Bursaries will under no circumstances be awarded for studies towards a so called dual/combined/hybrid degree course (e.g. B.Sc. Chemistry with Chemical Engineering, B.Eng. Mechatronics, B.Sc. Environmental & Geology etc.)

4. Only one application per student will be accepted.

5. Should an individual provide incorrect information during the application process and such information comes to the attention of Sasol at any later date, the invitation for the further selection process, the bursary offer or the bursary will be withdrawn/terminated with immediate effect – due to possible intentional/unintentional fraudulent action.

6. NB. It is imperative that students understand that should the information provided during the application and/or the possible bursary interview and/or any later date differs – the application/bursary will be regarded as null and void.

7. Mainstream Bursary shortlisting of individual for the next step in the selection process as well as identification of individuals to whom bursaries will be awarded are done carefully, taking into account our needs and strictly following the set selection criteria. We unfortunately have a limited number of bursaries available and this increases the competitiveness of applicants already meeting minimum criteria. We acknowledge the good academic performance and other attributes of applicants, however, candidates invited for our selection interviews or those to whom bursaries will be awarded to were academically more competitive and/or they fit our business requirements better.

8. Taking into account that bursary selections are done well before students have their final results of the current study year, students apply with the results of the previous study year – for example students who applied for 1st year studies in 2024 (current matriculants) apply with grade 11 results. Should a bursary be awarded to an individual, it is done conditionally and will only be activated in the applicable study year (1st year – 2024) inter alia should the student’s 2023 results (current study year – Grade 12) be approximately equivalent to the results he/she applied with.

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If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the Sasol programmes for South African youth are ready to change your life.


  1. All applications should be submitted before close of business of the application closing date.
  2. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  3. Applications by e-mail and/or not submitted via the Sasol bursaries website will not be considered.
  4. Applications from non-South African citizens will not be considered.

If you experience problems with your application, please contact:

Berlyne Rasool | | 086 010 6235

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