The position you’ve described appears to be related to managing Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and sponsorships/donations requests within a company. Below are the position outputs, qualifications, experience, and competencies typically required for this role:

Position Outputs:

  1. Compliance with CSI Policy: Ensure compliance with the Corporate Social Investment Policy and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Sponsorships and Donations within the company.
  2. Receive Requests: Receive sponsorship and donation requests from both internal Transnet Divisions and external applicants, which may come through various means like email, post, courier, or hand-delivered.
  3. Acknowledgement: Electronically acknowledge the receipt of applications.
  4. Application Processing: Subject each application to a minimum requirements check as per the SOP and process them accordingly.
  5. Meeting Preparation: Prepare applications and meeting agendas for presentation to the Sponsorships and Donations Forum as per SOP.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma in Business Administration or equivalent is typically required for this role. This educational background suggests a foundation in business management and administration.

Standard Job Requirements:

  • The role may require travel as needed and approved.

How apply

Click here to apply online for Transnet: SD Administrator Internships 2023 / 2024

This role involves handling requests for sponsorships and donations, ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures, and maintaining accurate records. It also requires effective communication and relationship management skills to engage with applicants and stakeholders. The qualifications and competencies listed highlight the knowledge and skills necessary for success in this position.

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