The institution says it is convening a group of psychologists and psychiatrists to advise on how it can better serve students who need counselling.

A Wits University jumped of a Johannesburg building on Wednesday night and another attempted to take his own life at the institution’s residence the same night.

Wits spokesperson Shirona Patel said university officials were on the ground since Wednesday night and had been in touch with the student’s family and friends.

“All signs point to him taking his own life. Our deepest condolences go out to all whose lives he touched and those who knew him well. This is the third incident of this nature this year and it is extremely disturbing. An attempted suicide was also reported at one of our residences last night and the student is receiving treatment.

“We are trying, through increasing capacity at CCDU [Counselling Careers and Development Unit], through creating new hotlines, through staff identifying students at risk, through residence programmes and social media, to address issues related to mental health, but we clearly need to do more,” she said.

Patel said the institution was in the process of convening a specialist group of psychologists and psychiatrists to advise on how it could better serve students in need of counselling “but do not reach out for it”.

“But we cannot do it alone – we need to pull together as members of society to look out for one another, to encourage those in despair to seek and to provide hope,” she said.

Wits students are currently writing their final examinations.

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