BLF to ‘expropriate the farms and houses of white DA leaders’

The ‘revolutionary movement’ has called on black DA leaders to leave the party and join theirs instead.

In a strongly worded statement, Black First Land First (BLF) has hit back at a statement from DA MP and chief whip John Steenhuisen calling for the party to be permanently banned from parliamentary meetings due to their conduct.

In the statement, BLF describes the DA as “the party of Helen Zille the colonialist and Tony Leon the son of the apartheid-hanging judge Ramon Leon” noting that Leon’s father had “dismissed Solomon Mahlangu’s appeal against the death sentence and sentenced Andrew Zondo to the noose”.

The statement continues to say that they consider Steenhuisen’s attempts to have them banned “a declaration of war” against their movement and that, in response, the party will “defend itself to the full extent of its revolutionary ethics”.

It also calls on “all black DA members” to “leave the party that hates them and join hands with us to end racism and landlessness amongst blacks”.

Apart from the statement’s title, “BLF to expropriate the farms and houses of white DA leaders”, the statement makes no reference to the targeting of DA leaders specifically when it comes to expropriation.

The party has made it clear that they want all land currently owned by white people expropriated. Whether they plan to go out of their way to expropriate the land of DA leaders first or not is unclear.

This is not the first time BLF have announced their intention of targeting a particular white person or group of white people for expropriation above all others.

They responded to a tweet in September in which EFF leader Julius Malema jokingly said that MiCasa singer J’Something will “keep land” under an EFF government by announcing their intention to expropriate “all land in white hands” “starting with that J’Something”.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the home affairs portfolio committee on Fireblade Aviation, Black First Land First (BLF) disrupted the proceedings and one of the members of BLF manhandled South African billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer.

BLF was then forcefully ejected from parliament and DA MP and chief whip John Steenhuisen has since issued a statement calling for the party to be permanently banned from parliamentary meetings due to their conduct.

Steenhuisen, after highlighting BLF leader Andile Mngxitama’s disruptive and violent history, stated: “I will be writing to the Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete to ask that the matter be investigated and that the legislature consider banning the responsible members of the BLF from attending committee meetings and parliamentary sittings.”

(Additional reporting by Kaunda Selisho)

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