Sometime last week, an explicit sex tape featuring a man started doing the rounds and many started assuming that it was Malusi Gigaba, South African Minister of Home Affairs based on the appearance of the man in the video. The ANC is setting it clear that it was not Minister Malusi Gigaba.

“We have seen the video, which features the man in question performing sexual acts to the camera, and can understand why many would think it’s Minister Malusi Gigaba but that it’s not him.” Said ANC spokesperson.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Malusi Gigaba confirmed that he had seen the video and thought that it was disgusting before adding, “I’m disciplined member of the ANC and cannot be doing such distasteful sex scenes. Somebody is out to destroy me!”

He reiterated that he is a credible government Minister and would like to track down the people responsible for faking and leaking the video (and presumably alleging that it is him) so that he can pursue legal action against them.

“I have morals. I have rules and standard that I live by on a daily basis. I don’t play games with my body.” said Minister Malusi Gigaba.

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