Beware of hidden cameras in clothing store fitting rooms

A 38 year old man has been sentenced to two years behind bars for using cameras to record women while they undressed at several locations, including a department store, restaurants toilets and mall rest rooms.

Durban Magistrate court records indicate Goodman Mkhize, 38, pleaded no contest in November to five counts of capturing an intimate representation.

Police say they began investigating Goodman when one of his friends learned there were images of her on a certain dating website. The woman found the video of herself naked in her own bathroom. She told police she thought Goodman did it.

According to the criminal complaint, Goodman Mkhize admitted he put a hidden camera in his friend’s home, then posted the video. Police also discovered he had placed a hidden camera in the dressing room of Target in the Durban Malls for about four hours in April 2017.

In the complaint officers said they found numerous videos from that camera, six of which showed women with private parts exposed in clothing store fitting rooms.

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