The mystery behind the brown vinegar and salt has got many South Africans talking, while some claim if the mixture is put under the bed, it will enable one to see witches, the truth of the matter is that this mixture is also scientifically warned to be dangerous.

Scientists urge people to be careful when using Hydrochloric Acid, which is formed after mixing vinegar and salt.

Hydrochloric acid is a hazardous liquid and if come in contact with skin, eyes, or internal organs, the damage can be irreversible or even fatal in severe cases and the use of personal protective equipment is always advised.

However, since this issue is trending and can’t seem to leave people’s lips, some claim to have tried putting the mixture under their beds as an experiment, but their testimonies makes one curious and brings fear at the same time.

Other claims has it that a mixture of water, vinegar and salt will help remove all the negative energy inside people’s homes.

Traditionalists reiterates that though one cannot see the negative energy, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Hence using the mixture of water, vinegar and salt is allegedly a powerful spiritual remedy to counteract the harmful unseen black energy and drain it out of the house.

These are all hear say, and whether people really had an encounter with witches at night because of the salt and vinegar mixture cannot be utterly dismissed or believed as the gospel truth as well. It’s a mystery.

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