WARNING: Salt and vinegar under the bed

Gigi Lamayne Warns People From Using Salt And Vinegar To Contact Spirits. If you didn’t know about the latest in social media trends, a tweep detailed his dramatic spiritual encounter after putting a mixture of salt and vinegar under his bed before he slept.

The tweep told the story of how he went from scrolling through his phone in bed to waking up in the home were he grew up, and his deceased mother, siblings and neighbours were also present in the dream.

In essence what the salt and vinegar does is reveal your enemies and why things haven’t been going accordingly in your life.

Here is a thread of what exactly happened in the man’s dream.

Since Salt and Vinegar has been making waves on twitter with many people claiming that they are going to try the mixture to see why they still haven’t secured the bag yet, rapper Gigi Lamayne took to twitter to warn people that opening spiritual realms without the help of a professional could potentially end badly.

“Heee guys yazi nizofa, labantu be vinegar ne core salt, do not open realms you don’t know how to close, there are people who are trained to do that” she said.

She even captioned the video in the tweet telling people to leave this whole experiment alone.

“Leave it alone ! Please guys ! Nizofa!!! You will die” she wrote.

Gigi has been open with her followers about her spiritual journey having shared her transition with a traditional healer that she has been seeing and she has also started hosting fortune readings on her InstaLive with her fortune teller friend and colleague named Spirit.

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