Pray for Babes Wodumo: Drugs, alcohol and stress

Bongekile Simelane, who goes by the name Babes Wodumo, was recently interviewed by Tha Simelane on IG Live. The emotional video left many fans concerned about the star’s wellbeing as she broke down.

She appeared intoxicated in the footage and Tha went as far as to say that she was taking cocaine, an accusation her team has denied.

Mzansi has expressed concern after a disturbing video of an intoxicated Babes Wodumo was shared on IG Live. In the footage, an emotional Babes is seen crying about the circumstances in her life.

She opens up about difficulties of having to support her family and about accusations of substance abuse. The interview was conducted by IG influencer Tha Simelane. In the footage, he attempts to calm her down, telling her that he is worried about her.

He also added that he did not want the young talent to die. “You need to pray that God does not take you.” After the emotional and tearful interview was concluded, Tha went on to say that Babes will never change. He said that she was taking cocaine during the interview and was high.

Babes Wodumo’s management has since come out to deny the accusation. Speaking to TshisaLive, Babes’ manager Nondumiso Simelane said: “If you saw the Live, you will also testify. Everyone who watched the Live didn’t see any cocaine so that is the answer.”

She went on to say that Babes is “okay”. She admitted that the star may have been intoxicated as she was having a Savanna but there was no cocaine. Social media users have expressed concern over the disturbing footage.

While some were genuinely worried about Babes, others were also unimpressed by the way Tha Simelane conducted the interview. They felt that he exploited her pain and accused her of being high with no evidence.

Twitter user TheMedGuyT said: “Haheke uTha naye Confused face asking dizzy questions. Next they both crying face with tears of joy was it alcohol???”

NtwanaYaModimo said: “When did God start killing people now?” zetzst_zandi said: “Why did he lie about her taking coke live, and the questions he was asking her though.

The whole interview was awkward for Babes.II just feel for her and i hope she will be fine one day.” Twitter user Ntukza_Sk said: “Stay away from drugs!!!”.

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