Applications for University and College Fees outstanding debt relieve funds

The amounts awarded are non-negotiable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable and shall be paid directly to the relevant educational institution to which the debt is owed.

1. In no circumstances shall Skye be liable for any future amounts or other amounts owing by the students to the respective educational institutions.

2. The students will each be contacted on or before 30th April 2021 using the telephone number or e-mail address provided in the nomination form. If the student does not respond or cannot be reached within three working days from being contacted, Skye shall, in its sole discretion be entitled to select an alternative nominee from the remaining eligible nominations.

Only nominees selected to be awarded funds will be contacted.

3. The students will be required to provide Skye and/or its appointed vetting service provider with all information, documentation and authorisation reasonably required to verify eligibility and award the funds, including but not limited to:

3.1. certified copy of ID;
3.2. academic records;
3.3. statements/invoices reflecting tuition fees outstanding;
3.4. proof of enrollment;
3.5. student number;
3.6. parental consent (if applicable);
3.7. such proof of financial need as Skye may deem necessary;
3.8. any other information reasonably requested.

4. Should the student not provide the above information within one week of request, then the funds awarded may be forfeited and Skye shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to select an alternative nominee from the remaining eligible nominations to receive funds.

4. The funds awarded will be paid to the relevant educational institution on behalf of the students as soon as is reasonably practicable after the above information, documentation and authorisations are provided to and vetted by Skye and or its vetting service provider. No payments will be made directly to the students in any circumstances.

5. The names of the students will be published on the website on 30 April


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