KFC Job Opportunities | Permanent and Part-time Positions Available, Upload Your CV

What Skills Do You Need to Work at KFC?
Everyday Tasks for KFC employees can include taking orders, cashiering, preparing food and maintaining sanitation standards. A good work ethic and attention to detail can Help workers perform all of these duties.

Excellent customer service is at the heart of the business’ values. Being polite, friendly and eager to assist patrons is a valuable trait in a any position at the restaurant chain.

Job Descriptions & Salaries.

KFC offers multiple entry level positions. These jobs don’t require prior experience, although it may help applicants land a position.

There are also opportunities to advance into management roles. Locations offer both part-time and full-time employment.

Customer Service Team Member

  • Customer service team members often deal directly with patrons.
  • They take orders, cashier, and help prepare food items with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Employees may also have some cleaning duties.
  • Workers in these positions typically earn per hour. With experience, their rate can increase per hour.



  • Cooks at KFV are responsible for making the chicken and side dishes guests will enjoy.
  • To do their job they must master the secret recipe used to make the popular fried food.
  • These team members work mostly behind the scenes preparing orders, but can also interact with customers.
  • Other tasks may include washing dishes, cleaning various areas of the restaurant, and working the drive-thru window, and taking orders from customers.
  • The hourly pay rate for KFC cooks is usually about $9 per hour.


Shift Supervisor

  • After working in an entry-level position, a team member can advance their KFC career and step into a supervisor role.
  • These people manage the cooks and cashiers on duty.
  • They make sure guests get a top-notch experience with hot food, a clean restaurant and a friendly staff.
  • The average pay for a shift supervisor is about $10 per hour.


Assistant Manager

  • Assistant managers work alongside the general manager to keep things running smoothly in their KFC location.
  • These staffers manage lower-level employees during their shifts, help train workers, and play a role in the hiring process.
  • Salary packages for assistant managers are around $37,000 per year. These full-time positions may also offer benefits.


Does KFC Have Paper Applications?

If job seekers have trouble accessing the online KFC job application, they can inquire at the location where they wish to work. There, hopefuls may be able to obtain a paper application or get direct help from a hiring manager.

How Much Do They Pay At KFC?

Entry level positions at KFC usually pay a rate close to the minimum wage. This can vary depending on the position, the store location, and the applicant’s experience.

As employees continue working there, they may receive a raise and make $10 or more per hour. Par-time hourly workers also have the benefit of meal discounts.

Employee Benefits

KFC offers employees many ways to grow their careers, including ongoing training programs to help team members develop skills and sometimes earn college credit.

Those interested in corporate jobs work at the company’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, where they perform various tasks in both paid and internship roles.

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