How To Find Hidden Cameras In Fitting Rooms

There are a few simple ways that can help you find a hidden camera in the room you are. However, not all are foolproof methods today. Crooks are getting smarter and mounting cameras in various areas, which are well camouflaged into daily objects that go undetected. It could be mounted into a flower pot, in the ceiling, inside smoke detectors, behind mirrors, inside clothes hangers, wall clocks, switches and switch boards, inside the wall, and many more. You have to think one step ahead and find out where it can be hidden, if it is. Below are a few areas where cameras can be hidden and how you should find out.

Curiously check for any cameras and wires that can be in the room. Check flower pots, smoke detectors, wires hanging around the place for no reason, wires leading around the edges of the wall, unnecessary bulges  and repairs on walls, etc. check if the mirror is a two-way mirror. Tap the mirror for hollow sounds—it could be a two-way mirror, even if it is flush with the wall. If you are in a hotel room check your toilets, bathrooms, bedroom area etc for out of place items. Check every article such as clock, television, cupboards, wall units, etc for possible camera and hidden wires. If you are in a changing room, check the clothes hanger, switches and switchboards, clock, ceiling, smoke detectors, flower pots, chair and tables, almost everything in sight.

There are anti-spy gadgets available in the market, which can help detect hidden cameras. Though they may be a bit pricey, if you are concerned about privacy, you should invest on a piece. Even your smartphone can help you find certain hidden cameras by a simple trick.

Below are a few pictures and videos that can help you with various methods to find hidden cameras.

Two-way mirrors: Check your changing room and hotel room for two-way mirrors. It is difficult to detect whether the mirror is a giveaway at first glance, but you can still find out. Every mirror, even though it is mounted in a frame on flush with the wall, should not have anything behind it. Tap it in all areas to find out if it gives you a hollow sound. If it does, there could be something behind it. Another way to find out if your mirror is a two-way mirror is a fingernail test. Touch your fingernail to the mirror at a 90-degree angle. If the reflection and your fingernail touch each other with no gap in between, it is a two-way mirror. A conventional mirror has the reflecting surface behind the glass and you should see a gap of a few mm between the reflection and the original object.

The recent news about a camera spying on customers changing their clothes in a well-known boutique in Goa has once again raised the question about privacy. The customer reported that she discovered a camera pointed to the changing room and on investigation, it was found that the videos were recorded on a computer from another room in the same premises.

With technology downsizing to miniscule sizes, the world is changing for good. However, there are certain tech gadgets that are causing a threat to privacy. Cameras, the one piece of technology has shrunk down to a miniscule size from what they were before. Cameras have become portable, battery operated and tiny and almost every smartphone out there has at least two of them.  Micro cameras are also available, are as tiny as a rice grain and can be pushed down through your blood arteries and veins for an inside view to help medical advances. However, the tiny camera can expose one’s privacy with great ease. It just needs to be placed intelligently and hidden into some article in the room or camouflaged into something that can go undetected.

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